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The Sun's not yellow it's chicken

JTEM whining about this & that, plus the secrets of the universe and the occasional chicken recipe.

Posts tagged 1950s

Mar 25 '14

Pretty in pink

Three vintage bathrooms

Oct 2 '13
Jul 30 '13
Jul 30 '13

I should explain:

Somebody’s favorite word (right after “Swag”) is “Cum,” and what better way to illustrate how old this has gotten than a 1950s vintage Sex Ed film?

And, yes, I know that there’s also an issue with it being inanely childish, but neither Dora the Explorer nor Yo Gabba Gabba have ever done a semen-themed episode so you can imagine the difficulty in illustrating that point…

Jul 21 '13
May 25 '13

Location, location, location…

May 3 '13
Bobby Darin - Beyond The Sea (That's All)


Be warned:  You can’t be a kid forever, and listening to this music is likely to result in some maturity.

Apr 26 '13
Dave Brubeck Quartet - Take Five (Time Out)

Music For A Mid Century Modern World

Time to Jazz things up…