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The Sun's not yellow it's chicken

JTEM whining about this & that, plus the secrets of the universe and the occasional chicken recipe.

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Aug 8 '14


PINK FLAMINGOS (1972) directed by John Waters

This is *Such* a disturbing movie.  For real.  John Waters was making Grunge and we’re talking hardcore!  The man was out to shock. Honestly; shock!  I can’t recommend that ANYONE watch this.

    …and yet I’ve seen all of his movies.  Go figure.

Jul 29 '14

The mummy



A bunch of stupid Americans who woke up an ancient criminal who will take over the whole world

Pretty much yeah.

No.  It was a stupid British chick who woke him up.

Jul 5 '14


No, haven’t seen it recently but it did come up in conversation.

Jan 11 '14

Breaking Bad

Todd isn’t even evil, he’s just retarded.

Jan 2 '14

Gay movies (no spoilers)

Someone was asking about gay movies, so as someone who watches  ton of movies I thought I’d point you in the direction of a few:

"Latter Days"

Eye candy, good story, good acting and a positive depiction of gay people that does NOT come at the expense of anybody’s religion per se.

"Another Gay Movie"

Drop it into the DVD player, shut down your brain and enjoy the ride. A few scenes with Scott Thompson are worth the price of the rental.

(I don’t recommend the sequel)

"The Most Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green

Yet another check-your-brain-at-the-door comedy, but I’d recommend this one. TVish, sure, or at least it would be if TV had any gay-centric programming anymore, I always thought it should have been turned into a series.

"Eating Out" (I-III)

Best known for their positive depictions of gay men, strong casts and lots of eye candy, these three films are well worth watching.

There were actually four “Eating Out” films but I can only recommend the first three, which is quite a shame.  The fourth really lost it in production values and the script, though if you fall in love with the cast of Eating Out 3 (“All You Can Eat”), something that’s easy to do, you may want to watch #4 anyway.

Sep 26 '13
I didn’t buy anything, so I guess I can’t die today.

I didn’t buy anything, so I guess I can’t die today.

Aug 4 '13

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (explained)

  • Fan: So if you didn't believe in the story, why'd you bother making the film?
  • Peter Jackson: I'm Peter fucking Jackson! I'm a fucking genius.
  • Peter Jackson: Didn't you see my Lord of the Rings?
  • Fan: Yes. I liked it. I thought it was good.
  • Peter Jackson: Didn't you see my King Kong?
  • Fan: Like I said, the Lord of the Rings was good.
  • Peter Jackson: FUCK YOU! I'm Peter fucking Jackson.
  • Fan: But the Hobbit...
  • Peter Jackson: Fuck the Hobbit.
  • Fan: changed the story...
  • Peter Jackson: I'm Peter fucking Jackson. I made it better. If you weren't a retard you'd see that.
  • Fan: But the fans!
  • Peter Jackson: Fuck the fans.
  • Fans: "The Hobbit" has generations of fans who were looking forward to seeing a live action version of their story, and you turned it into something else.
  • Peter Jackson: Fuck them. I'm Peter fucking Jackson. I've got a dark, moist crack they can all lick.
  • Fans: And not just the fans, the scene where the party is escaping the goblins in the barrels, for example, was so integral to the book that Tolkien himself illustrated it in his artwork, and you left it out.
  • Peter Jackson: Fuck Tolkien. I'm Peter fucking Jackson. I'm smarter than him.
  • Fans: But if you don't care about the fans or even Tolkien, why bother making the movie?
  • Peter Jackson: I'm Peter fucking Jackson. I'm a genius. Fuck all the nimrods who can't see that.
  • Fans: But it would actually be easier to do it right. It would certainly be shorter.
  • Peter Jackson: What, and give up on all those extra ticket sales from a second film? Fuck that.
  • Fans: But you don't care about the people buying those tickets, and it's not like there's any shortage of material for future films.
  • Peter Jackson: Fuck that. Fuck you.
  • Fans: The appendix to the LoTR alone has got a few films worth of material, and what about the Silmarillion?
  • Peter Jackson: Fuck the Silmarillion. I'm going to butcher that one too, and if you don't like it I'm going to rape your grandma.
  • Fans: But why not just make the fans happy, give them what they want?
  • Peter Jackson: I'm Peter fucking Jackson. I decide what they want.
May 20 '13

JTEM Approved (Netflix Edition)

  1. Breaking Bad
  2. Battlestar Galactica (2004 series)
  3. Being Human (U.S.)
  4. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
  5. Portlandia
  6. 30 Rock
  7. Weeds (though it goes down hill with age)
  8. Family Guy (added benefit of pissing off the “Social Justice” twits)
  9. Star Trek (Original/TNG/DS9)
  10. The Rockford Files (best of the classic 1970s crime dramas)
  11. Hawaii 5-0 (What I would give to go back in time & place…)
  12. Shin Chan (so delectably wrong…)

And I’m always looking for recommendations from others, so if you know of any good shows (or movies) I might be missing then PLEASE hit me up…