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Oct 1 '14



"I’m still here

And I still love you.”

I am this creep right now. Oh well.

We’re all that creep.  Sometimes.

Aug 23 '14

Anonymous asked:

who is your love?


I hate everyone

Nov 9 '13

I think one of my new followers is a porn blog

    …judging from the penis they have as an icon/avatar.

Nov 8 '13
Aug 2 '13
"You have a friendly heart and are well admired."
Tonight’s fortune cookie
Jul 12 '13


Jun 17 '13

Islam NEEDS feminism: Saudi women get jail terms for trying to help Canadian woman get divorce

A Saudi court handed two Saudi women 10-month jail sentences on Saturday for seeking to help a Canadian woman who wanted to leave her Saudi husband with their children, human rights activists said.

Anyone who claims that Islam doesn’t need feminism is either a goddamn liar or so well trained by the patriarchy that they kiss the hands that beat them.


May 24 '13

Like, *Duh*!


Boy Scouts Continue Ban On Gay Scoutmasters | Fox News


I keep telling you people, and nobody ever listens, but the world works completely BACKWARDS from the way everyone wants to believe…

You want to ensure that the BSA will never have another sex scandal?  Do you want to guarantee that no boy will every be inappropriately touched by a scoutmaster again?  There is a way.  These things are possible.  They can be easily accomplished.  Here’s how:

Recruit known child molesters as scoutmasters.

You’ve been trained to ignore the obvious, but let me try to explain it to you:

If known/convicted child molesters were scoutmasters, image the controls that would be put in place.  No adult would ever be allowed to be alone with a child.  They’d always have to have someone else present.

    …”We can’t leave a child molester alone with the boys!  Someone has to keep an eye on him.”

Parents would talk to their kids about the dangers… more parents would show up to “Watch over” their kids… chaperone…  participate…

I’ll cut this short:  If the BSA, the kids & families acted the way they would if they had convicted child molesters leading the troops there would never be another sex scandal.  Ever. 

    …and if they simply recruited some child molesters then that’s the way the BSA (kids, families) would behave.

And if this sounds stupid then let me put it another way:  There’s been countless sex scandals that have hit the BSA, countless boys sexually abused, and all of them occurred with honest & open gay scoutmasters & kids banned from the BSA.  So the bans absolutely don’t work.  There is no question here, no room for debate.  Banning gay scoutmasters — gay mentors — has never protected a single child. Ever.  It’s hurt countless, denied them mentors, taught them self loathing. It’s taught them that, because they’re gay, when they grow up they will become pariahs…

And what about the straight kids?  All these years the BSA has been teaching them homophobia by way of example.  The BSA is teaching them to cut off gay people, ostracize them… discard friends & family if they come out as gay.

The homophobia of the BSA, the hate of the BSA hasn’t protected a single boy, but it has hurt countless numbers and perpetuated an environment where the only gay people allowed are repressed, sexually frustrated and thoroughly self-loathing…  and then the BSA acts surprised each time another scandal hits. 

Stop being idiots.  Life simply doesn’t work the way you think it does…

Or nobody would let their children do Boy Scouts, jackass.

Would you be upset if a totally racist institution died?

Likewise, I’m sure…

But seriously, you knuckle dragging imbecile, the answer — ban open and honest gay people — has never once saved one boy from abuse, even as it has helped to perpetuate a culture where some kids grow up to be repressed, sexually frustrated and totally self loathing — the perfect formula for abuse.