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Dec 30 '12
Oct 22 '12
Apr 2 '12

Submission: Tattoos

I see the  validity of your point and I am not saying you are wrong, I wanted the first tattoo I got since junior high and I got it my last year of high school, five years isn’t long it just gives you time to realize if you really want the tattoo or not and I understand that is what you are getting at.

I do also think that although tastes change and you grow as a person that you yourself are not going to necessarily regret your tattoos when you are 60 you can look back on them as memories, maybe not the smartest memories but tattoos can be covered up with clothing and cover up now. I feel like that is a good alternative not everyone wants to show off their tattoos all of the time, not because they don’t like them but because they don’t always like getting attention because of them.

I feel like people who look at you and judge you because of tattoos or piercings or anything about you that is different than “the norm” are not people who you need in your life. Your daughter is going to love you no matter what even if they go through the “I hate you but I am going to ask you for money” phase. It’s all a part of life. The people at her bridal party are allowed to think what they want but if she has random people her mother has never met at her bridal party than maybe her daughter isn’t choosing the right friends.

I know a lot of people see tattoos as mistakes or regrets but the truth is who knows you better than yourself and if you are getting judged because of the clothes you wear or the tattoos you have when you are sixty than the people judging you are clearly immature.

Nov 15 '11
Ooo…. someone hand me a plastic cup shaped like a Coconut.

Ooo…. someone hand me a plastic cup shaped like a Coconut.