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The Sun's not yellow it's chicken

JTEM whining about this & that, plus the secrets of the universe and the occasional chicken recipe.

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Apr 11 '14
Apr 3 '14
Mar 21 '14

I love this video:  Life in three minutes!

Mar 8 '14

Anonymous asked:

why are you always trying to derail tiocfaidharlulz?

The world’s worst revolutionary?

Because if she’s for real then she’s her own worst enemy.  “If.” 

See, for the American revolution, a lot of people with a lot of different — even competing — agendas united against the British.  Half or more wanted to end slavery, for example, but they knew they couldn’t AND beat the British at the same time. So they effectively agreed to disagree, focused on the goal (defeating the British) and set everything else aside for later. 

Our “Worst revolutionary” there does exactly the opposite — lack of focus (fighting everyone & everything simultaneously), chasing after every wedge issue & preaching division at every turn.

Feb 1 '14

   …but then he grew up and couldn’t support himself, let alone a family, and he said…

"I wish I worked hard in that Algebra class, instead of spending my highschool years as a whinny ass bitch. I mean, damn, if I only knew then what I know now, how much easier & better my life could have been…"

Jan 20 '14
Today’s fortune cookie (atop my totally gay iPad cover)
"You will meet an important person who will help you advance professionally."

Today’s fortune cookie (atop my totally gay iPad cover)

"You will meet an important person who will help you advance professionally."

Jan 8 '14

Robert Gates was a Bush appointee, a total NeoCon without any credibility


€But will the media actually report on how painfully inept Hillary and Biden are? So far they have basically campaigned for them and looked the other way. Will Gates book really change things?

If you gave a damn about the media, the time to complain was when it was spoon feeding the public all of Bush’s lies to get us into the war… or even back in 2000 when they were destroying democracy.

Sorry, teabaggers, but the "I care about the integrity of the media" ship sailed more than a decade ago, and you people were all shouting “Good riddance!”

And, yeah, Gates was Bush’s hand picked man, a loyal NeoCon, so of course he’s going to diss Hillary.  And nobody in their right mind would pay him the slightest attention.

(Source: new-age-conservative)

Nov 18 '13
"Many of life’s failures are experienced by people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up"
Thomas Edison