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The Sun's not yellow it's chicken

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Sep 23 '14
Tonight’s Fortune Cookie
"An hour with friends is worth ten with strangers."

Tonight’s Fortune Cookie

"An hour with friends is worth ten with strangers."

Aug 31 '14

Time isn’t real. Time doesn’t really exists!

Everything you think you know is a lie…

Scientific American:  Is Time An Illusion?

It’s more complicated than I’ve let on.  Time is a  thing, but it’s not the thing we think it is.

Does that make even sense? 

Take Einstein, for example. Time is there, according to Einstein, but it’s relative. Two observers can experience two completely different time scales. And, physics doesn’t seem to care if time moves forward or backwards. There is absolutely nothing in physics that says time has to work the way we experience it… or even that it does work that way. Put short:  

As I physically move through space in relation to you (towards/away) I move through time in relation to you, and I can move forward & backward in time just as I can move forward & backward through space.

So, does this mean that all time, all events, all movement exists at once? That, the universe is a grid work of sorts, with everything that is happening, has happened and will happen all laid out, and we just move from grid to grid? That, it’s all laid out along an X & Y axis, where X is space and Y is time, and this was laid out from the very beginning of the universe, the beginning of everything?

Does “Fate” really exists?  Do we all have destinies? Are we all just traveling through a grid work laid down with the formation of the universe? Or, maybe, does the multiverse exist?  Instead of the universe consisting of a massive grid work where our every moment is laid out, is it an infinitely larger grid work where our every possible choice, our every possible outcome is laid out? In other words, does the grid work representing our past contain the squares for every last moment we did live, or does it encompass every last moment we could have potentially lived?

I have to admit, I find the multiverse idea very appealing. Imagine, if it is true, then somewhere in some sense of “Existence” is a YOU where you won every prize, achieved your every dream… lived the fairytale life. I like that idea.  It’s even comforting.  I mean, this notion that everyone and everything you ever lost still exists within the multiverse, you never lost it, and even if you can’t experience it first hand, right now, they’re all still there. I like this idea.  I find it appealing and, like I said, comforting.

  …and it’s compatible with everything from ages old religious traditions of “Rebirth” to something as modern as Rhonda Byrnes “The Secret.” 

And this, yes, this is what scares me about it. I’m  biased. I don’t approach ideas like this with as much of an open mind as I would normal want.  I like the idea so much — I LOVE the idea! — that I even have no trouble rationalizing it.  So I question my own objectivity.

Anyhow, just putting this out there, killing time…

Apr 24 '14

Online kook arguments, example #1:

The one living wrote:
> Something cannot come from nothing, therefore something is eternal.

Ironically, no, even “Eternity” isn’t eternal by conventional thinking.

The universe began with the Big Bang, according to science, so EVERYTHING — including time — began at that very same instant.

Time has a beginning.  It’s not eternal.  It would SEEM eternal to everything and everyone WITHIN the universe, because from their perspective time has ALWAYS existed and will ALWAYS exist (there will be no universe and no observers when it no longer exists), but it’s not eternal.

Jan 20 '14

Okay, universe, 3 minutes left to startle me in a good way!

Dec 26 '13

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Oct 24 '13

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Oct 18 '13
Aug 10 '13


It’s a little late to be saying this, but if your summer vacation takes you to New England here’s one great tip for some cheap eats:


Pick them up at the supermarket.  All the major chains (Stop & Shop, Shaws & Market Basket) will even cook them for you.  Free.  Just take them back to your hotel/motel room and pig out.

Picnic?  Well, you’re already at the supermarket anyway so pick up the paper plates, napkins and some spray butter.  Together with your lobsters you’ve got a complete picnic lunch…