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The Sun's not yellow it's chicken

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Jan 29 '14
Aug 2 '13

Anonymous asked:

you are fucKING DUMB

Dude, if I was fucKING anyone would I be wasting so much time on Tumblr?

Jun 25 '12


Yes, fossilized Dinosaur doo-doo. Called “Coprolites” (in order to minimize the laboratory giggling, I suppose), these are the actual remains of a Dino dump.


Apr 29 '12

Pull your head out of your past


This is a photograph from a book called ‘Without Sanctuary: Lynching Photography in America” (pub. 2004). The photo is called ‘The lynching of Frank Embree, July 22, 1899, Fayette, MO”

By all reckoning, that makes this barely 113 years old.

And yet you still couldn’t find anything more recent — or useful — to whine about.

Seriously, with all that is wrong with this world at this moment, with all that needs fixing, with all you could make yourself useful with and work to reform, you’re instead reaching 113 years up your past in order to fight some battle that was won long before you were born.


Apr 5 '12

We worry about killing business…


Because it isn’t. Our high standard of living is due to productive business.

I hate to say it, but the stern of the Titanic was actually rising higher & higher OUT of the water, AWAY from the water line even as many of the passengers were jumping on life boats, foolishly claiming it was sinking…

"It’s not sinking," I would expect you to say. “We’re flying above the water!”

The point, of course, is that you can argue that we have a high standard of living — and we do — but it’s dropping. It’s not going up, it’s not staying the same it is going down.

Inflation has been out pacing raises for years now, and health care costs are rising well beyond inflation. At the same time the gap between rich & poor has exploded. Fewer & fewer people are gobbling up a bigger & bigger share of the economy for themselves, leaving precious little for the rest of us.

The system is broken. Worse, it’s gamed for the richest of the rich.

Corporate tax rates?  please. A full 70% or more of American “corporations” have ZERO employees. They are nothing more than tax shelters, or giant Get-Out-Of-Any-Liability-Free card.

 "Oh, I didn’t do it!  It wasn’t me!  It was my corporation. You have to sue it. And, oops, all that money it paid me is beyond your reach…"

Our corporate tax rate is, what, 35%?  And our government is obsessed with lowering it, even Obama. But on average corporations pay maybe 23% at best. What are they going to be paying when they lower the rate another 10 points? And then there’s personal taxes….

We have had non-stop tax breaks since 2001, and our economy has never been good in all that time. Oh, we were officially out of recession at a number of points since then, don’t get me wrong, but that’s a meaningless statistic, especially when you consider that all the growth was amongst the very rich, and the average American is actually doing worse.

Most of the income for the very rich comes in the form of Capital Gains — the sale of stocks & real estate, things like that. The rate is, what, 18%?  And with write-offs and deductions the average rate actually paid comes in lower than that.


If your adjusted gross income is $40K a year in salary you owe a base 25% in income tax. If your adjusted gross is $40 million a year in Capital Gains income, your base rate is only 18%.


Again, not to bore people by continuously spelling out the bleeding obvious, but tax cuts haven’t worked. The “Experiment” is over, kids. We’re in Year-11 of “Tax Cuts Will Grow The Economy” and the nation is in tatters. It’s long past the time to turn around, to move AWAY from these failed policies, this SHRINKING standard of living.

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Apr 2 '12


Watch out, we’ve got a conspiracy theorist over here.

Improvements in technology and ideas offer a better explanation for why products get better than your purposely flawed product hypothesis.

PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE is hardly a conspiracy theory. It’s a fact. Most companies don’t even deny it, especially in the electronics industry. They’ll tell you that “The technology moves so fast” and “The average consumer replaces it every two years anyway,” forgetting that people really don’t have a choice when you’re selling them crap.

Here’s an example of that very rationalization.

Fact of the matter is, consumers have no choice. The product is designed to self-destruct within a few years, it will self-destruct within a few years and you will buy a new one… “Proving” their argument that they don’t need to built them well, as you never keep them for very long anyways.

Jan 30 '12
Jun 29 '11

Consider something as simple as the Marlboro man, an image we have probably seen hundreds of times but one that we probably have not thought much about. What does this cowboy teach us? First, that smoking is for the rugged, self-confident individual (as opposed to being a health hazard). Second, that American men should be macho (as opposed to, say, caring and sensitive). And finally, that you can be rugged and macho simply by smoking Marlboros—it is that easy.

Anthony Pratkin -Age of Propaganda (via noleadersplease)


The obvious problem here is that talking about the Marlboro Man at this late stage of the game is a bit like discussing long division with a group of theoretical physicists. I mean, it’s not like the message of Marlboro Man was hard to decipher half a century ago, back when our culture was a lot less jaded and open to suggestion. We’ve progressed so far beyond him it’s ridicules. Like… well… like…

Take election engineering, for example. Most people think it would take a CIA mind control experiment or UFO technology to steer people towards one candidate or another, when in actual fact it’s quite easy. The secret has been known (again) for decades. I’m dating myself, but I first heard it back in 1989, in a lecture given by a partisan Republican pollster. I’ll explain it, and anyone & everyone who reads it will nod their heads and understand — it’ll totally click for them — but I would be shocked if even one in 100 people are capable of applying to real life, much less will during the 2012 election cycle…

Anyhow, so *Way* back in 1989 this partisan GOP pollster was giving a lecture, and he was explaining a bit about public opinion and how it impacts polling. Everyone loves a winner, he explained. George Bush (the first Bush disaster, Poppy Bush) had beaten Mike Dukakis the previous November with some 54% of the vote. But, this pollster explained, if we ran out and did a poll now (meaning back then, 1989, some months after Poppy Bush took office) it would show that 80% of the people voted for Bush. How could that be?

Everyone likes a winner, he explained. Bush won. So, a whole lot of people who voted for Dukakis or never even voted at all would claim that they voted for Bush… because he was the winner.

This is why sports teams suddenly amass huge armies of fans when they’re having a winning season. For years they’ll be nothing, and then they win a championship and suddenly their Jerseys are everywhere, and while before you could buy tickets the day of the game, now they sell out weeks in advance.

If you can convince people that [Candidate A] is going to win the election, a large percentage of the voters will vote for [Candidate A]. Period.

No, not a majority of the people, but enough to swing almost any election. If you can convince the public that [Candidate A] is going to win, many, many people will vote for them FOR THAT REASON.

Ignore Marlboro Man. He’s useless. Instead, take what I just told you above and apply it to real life. Look for things like… like… well, like all the fake polls that had Obama trashing Hillary in New Hampshire. Sure, she won, but by only a couple of points. If those polls hadn’[t convinced so many voters that Obama was going to win New Hampshire she might’ve scored a double-digit lead, and Obama’s Iowa Caucus victory would have looked like a flook.

Go on, I dare you to place Hillary’s early (and entirely uncounted and underreported) wins in Florida and Michigan in THAT context. If they were counted, Obama’s “Front Runner” status would have never materialized, and the “I’m going to vote for the perceived winner” tendency would have worked in Hillary’s favor…

(Source: noleadersplease)